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Carole Laurette Shaw

Carole Laurette Shaw, also known as simply Laurette Shaw is a native of Savannah, GA who now calls Atlanta, GA her home along with husband and business partner James Shaw. Laurette Shaw has made her presence known in the community through her philanthropy and involvement with the real estate development firm the Gvest Partners.

Laurette Shaw received her education from the University of Georgia where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. Her passion and fondness for architecture and interior design led to experience enhancing roles with Phillips Inc., Interior Design Atlanta, and most recently her own company, CLS Interiors. For over 14-years Carole Laurette Shaw has provided innovative and dedicated concepts to illustrate art in the form of interior design. In addition to Carole Shaw’s interior design experience and entrepreneurship, she also dedicates much of her time to new construction design projects and renovation design projects. Carole Shaw has invested in the renovation and preservation of historical homes such as one very well known 1906 home in Charlotte, NC. Carole Laurette Shaw maintains her skill set in new construction and design by working on her current projects, the Great Guana Key – Bakers Bay project, which is currently in progress. Also, Laurette Shaw has two separate projects in Alys Beach, Florida both in the progression stages for construction and design.


Aside from Laurette Shaw’s impeccable eye for design and renovation projects, she enjoys the simple things in life in her free time. Carole Shaw loves spending time with her family, traveling internationally as well as domestic. Her enjoyment in travel comes from the ability to see and admire the architecture, culture, and exotic landscapes of other cities and countries. Carole Shaw and family also enjoy new culinary experiences. In addition, her and husband James Shaw are quite the wine connoisseurs, and take the opportunity to explore new wines occasionally while the family is on travel vacations. Laurette Shaw’s eye for design and renovation can also be attributed to her admiration of museums, art galleries, and antique items. Also, this becomes an added bonus for clients of Laurette Shaw because she does much of her home furnishing shopping for accessories and art while she is on travel vacations. Carole Laurette Shaw is extremely physically active as well. She enjoys playing tennis, doubles especially, boating, and beach vacations. Carole Laurette Shaw’s ability to be a team player or leader in recreational sports further illustrates the positive attributes that enhance her as an entrepreneur and business woman. Laurette Shaw often indulges in golf with her husband and friends as well, and is also an avid skier in addition to her other recreational physical activity.


Laurette Shaw is known for her philanthropy alongside husband, James Shaw for their generous contributions to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the Children’s  Healthcare of Atlanta Circle of Care, and last but certainly not least the Savannah College of Art and Design or better known as SCAD. In recent years, Laurette Shaw and husband James Shaw donated 100 acres of land to the Savannah College of Art and Design which was used to create a covered riding pavilion. Located in Hardeeville, SC adjacent to the Ronald C. Waranch Equestrian Center at SCAD the donated 100 acre land is now called the James and Laurette Shaw Equestrian Pavilion. Savannah College of Art and Design has an award winning equestrian team which James and Laurette Shaw took pride in providing a resource of enhancement for students. The James and Laurette Shaw Equestrian Pavilion will be used to enhance the students abilities as equestrians and also provide increased comfort the the horses and riders during various weather elements, preventing them from being exposed while riding. Director of Savannah College of Art and Design’s Equestrian Program, Eddie Federwisch voiced his gratitude for the donation by stating, “We are so thankful for this major donation. Having this venue will enable us to schedule events all year round, without fear of cancelling due to weather.” He went on to voice how prior to the generous donation by James and Laurette Shaw inclement weather had caused cancellation of many classes. The Savannah College of Art and Design’s Equestrian Team has been named one of the best in the nation, having earned eight American National Riding Commission championship wins. The ability to maintain consistent class time without having to cancel due to weather elements has definitely aided in the riders success in the sport.

Laurette Shaw’s generosity and ability to determine the best avenues for investment matches that of her husband James Shaw. The couple recently invested in a 377 acre property in Keokuk called the Wingover Ranch. The property was sold to James Shaw for $990,000 through Premier Outdoor Properties, Incorporated of Gretna, Nebraska, which James Shaw revealed was a good price for the investment. The property features a ranch style lodge which is comprised of four bedrooms, and multiple bathrooms on the ground level. In addition to these, there is also one apartment style bedroom with attached living room and bathroom on the lower level. There is also a bar and fireplace in the lodge which is accented by the mounted wildlife adorning the walls. The artistic aspect of the lodge comes from wall paintings by John Eberhardt. Lastly, the dining area of the property overlooks a stocked pond filled with bass fish.  There is a considerable amount of privacy on the property, which also makes it a desirable location to visit and stay. Although this already sounds like an amazingly relaxing place to spend time, James Shaw intends on revamping the property and then re-evaluating his options.

Laurette Shaw has her share of property involvement in addition to those already listed as well. Working with J. Davis Architects of Raleigh, NC for the Yards at NoDA, Laurette Shaw is actively involved in the planning phase of the individual units interiors, the office for leasing agents, and lastly the property’s recreational aspects such as the pool and clubhouse. Wingover Ranch is Carole Laurette Shaw’s other real estate purchase that has created a lot of welcomed attention. The property was redesigned to be utilized as a venue for weddings, corporate events, and also hunting expeditions. Overall, Carol Laurette Shaw has made an impressive mark in the community by becoming  an inspiration to others through her philanthropy, entrepreneurship, charitable donations, and her real estate experience.

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